This beautiful champagne with it’s iconic art nouveau anemones painted across the bottle, was started by a newly-wed couple in 1811, is bound to add that extra touch of class to any room it’s in. Whether you are soon to wed, love a good graduation scene from a throw-back movie like Top Gun or an appreciation for a designer like Coco Chanel, this floral bottle is sure to evoke memories for the days ahead!

“ I only drink champagne on two occasions, when I am in love and when I am not.”

~ Coco Chanel

Gold C Label

As one of the most expensive champagnes in the world, and having a long story filled history between paranoid, historical monarchs and hip-hop moguls, this iconic gold label is sure to stand out in any setting. Paranoid requests by a Russian Tsar from 1867 have since left this gold label adorned bottle as one of the oddest-looking champagne bottles on the market to date. Tsar Alexander II of Russia (the original promoter of Cristal) specifically requested two things of the bottle to help his fear of assassination attempts. The Tsar requested a flat-bottom so no one would be able to hide a lethal object in the punt (the large indentation at the bottom of a bottle), and the bottle must be clear so he could detect if any poison was added.


Looking to add that little extra touch and vibe of royalty to your room? Then this is the bottle for you! Whether it is Freddie Mercury singing “She keeps her Moet et Chandon in her pretty cabinet”, Napoleon Bonaparte celebrating his victories and defeats over some bubbly, or the late Princess Diana toasting it at her wedding; this bottle oozes luxury and royalty. Even the car enthusiast and racer, Dan Gurney, made history to be the first to spray the crowd with a jeroboam of this champagne after winning the ’67 Le Mans in his Ford GT40.

M Label

Tracing its roots to GH Mumm, an international champagne brand in France, Mumm Napa made its presence in California in the late 1970s. Whether it is collaborating with Carlos Santa, being enjoyed by the San Francisco Giants in World Series win celebrations, or scoring 94 points from Wine Spectator, this bottle is sure to please at an affordable price. The simple black or pink labels add the perfect touch to any décor.


There is no doubt these bottles stand out in a room with their paperless labels and handmade pewter Ace of Spades logo that is uniquely applied with each bottle varying just slightly from the next. Armand de Brignac was launched by the Cattier family in 2006, despite registering the name “de Brignac” in the late 1940s or early 1950s. So where did the idea of the unique appearance of this prestigious champagne come from? That would be the inspiration from one of the inventors of the miniskirt, French fashion designer, André Courrèges. Before departing the facility, each bottle will pass through the hands of more than 10 team members including 12th and 13th generation Cattier family winemakers, Jean-Jacques and his son Alexandre. The brand has since been purchased by Jay-Z back in 2014.


This popular vintage champagne was named after a champagne residing benedict monk, Dom Pierre Pérignon, who believed hard work brought a monk closer to God. This champagne is unique in the fact that it is a vintage champagne, meaning it only includes grapes from a single year. During the royal wedding of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana, it is said that Dom Pérignon was the champagne of choice; a 1961 vintage to be exact, poured in honor of Princess Diana’s birth year.

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