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Sixteen Wicks & Co is a family owned and operated small business, that all started with two people’s love for wine, champagne and an effort to make the earth a better place through recycling.


This beautiful floral bottle created by a newly-wed couple in love, is said to be one of the most romantic champagnes on the market.


Looking to add that little extra touch and vibe of royalty to your room? This bottle oozes luxury and royalty.

M Label

This simple black or pink label will add the perfect touch to any décor.


There is no doubt these bottles stand out in a room with their paperless labels and handmade pewter Spades logo that is uniquely applied with each bottle varying just slightly from the next.


As one of the most popular champagnes, this vintage bottle is sure to add the perfect accent to any room.

Candle Care Kits

Each of our signature candle care kits include: 1 tray, 1 wick trimmer, 1 candle snuffer, and 1 wick dipper. Available in four colors: black, silver, gold, and rose gold

Meghan, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE these candles & the adorable, & very nice packaging!!! Thank you so very much for the gorgeous champagne candle! My husband stopped what he was doing for that one!! We will most definitely enjoy it! ~Shelly~

They smell fabulous! They’re not even lit and scent up the room!! I will definitely be getting more. ~Micki~

I loooove all of the candles I ordered. They are going to be the perfect presents. The packaging and aesthetic is so awesome. ~Kelly~

Thank you Meghan and Sixteen Wicks & Co. I am in love with these candles! What a great hostess gift or holiday gift for someone who has everything. ~E.B.~


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